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I have two video player (a content and a mask). When I start my project, the two video plays correctly, But, they end up desynchronizing. I would like to be able to sync them to play always at the same time.
asked May 4, 2017 in Video Playback by jc2833 (160 points) | 32 views

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By default, the Video Player box use the Internal Sync Mode. In this mode, the clock of the videos are synced over the RealMotion master clock. Depending on your computer's performance, the Internal Mode allows the Video Player to drift of one frame or two to have a smooth playback.

When 2 videos need to be perfectly sync, use the External Sync Mode instead. 

Go to the Properties of the Videos Player boxes -> Tab Advanced -> Sync Mode.

A Time input pin will be enabled. Connect this pin to the same box, like the Timer box.

The Video Player will then share the same clock, without drifting, and the videos will be perfectly sync.

answered May 4, 2017 by Louis-Philippe Bell (440 points)
Additionally to using an external clock like the box Timer, you can use other clocks such as MIDI Timecode or a network clocks (Network Receive) from another RealMotion instance from another computer.
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